Presidential Letter

“The decisions we make now will create the campus that exists decades from now.” Photo courtesy of Ryan Short.

Dear UT Dallas Class of 2025,

Congratulations on your admittance to the University of Texas at Dallas! We are honored to have you join the UT Dallas community as a fellow Comet. Some of you are computer science students interested in graduate school, some of you are business school students interested in entrepreneurship, but regardless of your major of study, UT Dallas is the place for you. I cannot wait to see all that you achieve during your time here.

The upcoming semesters will be a fresh start for all of us. Even though this may be your first semester of college, we will all be learning alongside each other as we come back to campus. As you familiarize yourself with UT Dallas, you will notice something that makes us so unique: our drive. This is a source of opportunity for all of us, allowing each and every Comet to make an impact that lasts for years to come. Maybe you can start a club or participate in an innovative research project. Regardless of your passions, there are plenty of staff, faculty and fellow Comets dedicated to helping you make the most of your time here. The decisions we make now will create the campus that exists decades into the future.

This university thrives because of its diversity; the variety of cultures, religions and ethnicities that call this university home improve our UT Dallas community in countless ways. Some of my favorite memories of my time at UT Dallas were ones I didn’t expect. As much as you will learn in your lectures, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from your peers outside of the classroom as well. College is a time to expand your horizons, so I challenge you to put yourselves out there and find experiences outside of your comfort zone.

The mission of Student Government is to serve the collective interests of the student body. We serve as the official student voice to UT Dallas administration, the UT System Board of Regents and other governmental entities. As your Student Government President, I can’t wait to meet you, hear your concerns and work with you to improve the campus we now share. Welcome home, Comets.


Ryan Short


Student Government President