Day: September 4, 2018

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Balancing a budget

Operating revenues are revenues that are actively earned, such as tuition and fees. Non-operating revenues, on the other hand, refer to income that...


Unmaking a murderer

Dallas County just became one of few in the nation to convict and sentence a police officer for murder after an on-duty shooting....

Editor's PicksOpinion

The dream team

Implementing a football program at UTD will improve the social scene on campus. With the college football season fast approaching, it’s more glaring...

Editor's PicksLife & ArtsVideoWhatcha Eatin'?

Durian: The world’s smelliest fruit

The durian has been on my bucket list to try for years. Call me overdramatic for putting a fruit on my bucket list,...

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Full-time coach joins cross country teams

The men and women’s cross-country teams entered the fall 2018 season with their first full-time coach, who will oversee both teams this semester....

Life & Arts

Club helps young patients

Whether they once were terminally ill children or knew those that were, a group of UTD students is working to fund the wishes...

Life & Arts

Student sees hobby in new lens

After years of taking photos as a pastime, one UTD student turned her hobby into a business that serves campus organizations. Neuroscience junior...


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