Day: October 16, 2017


Current college students represent new counterculture

Millennials. The kids who are always on their phones, too lazy to get jobs but not lazy enough to stop complaining about their...


Lack of diversity on runway incites change

The beauty industry has been lacking in diversity for some time now, and this becomes glaringly obvious with each new industry “first.” According...


Food fad encourages widespread acceptance of Muslims

With the rapid growth and constant influx of immigrants, particularly in Dallas, there has been a rise in the incorporation of “halal” food...


Academic work strains athletes

The demands required of student athletes have played a role in the national debate about whether or not student athletes should receive additional...


Fan apathy concerns

The absence of a football team differentiates UTD, a Division III school, from other universities in Texas. That is the main difference for...


Friendly competition

Where a typical Division III soccer team would have 11 starters with an additional 12 players for substitutions, UTD’s team includes over 40...

FeaturedLife & Arts

Vinyl revival

With technological advances and growth of the millennial generation came a wave of nostalgia that channeled the days of John Hughes, Ferris Bueller...

FeaturedLife & Arts

‘A home away from home’

At UTD, international students make up 23 percent of the population. During the first few months of the school year, adjustment and adaptation...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Veteran spreads laughter

In the quiet hours of the morning, you may see a gentleman in a USS Ticonderoga hat walking through campus passing out printed...

Life & Arts

Indie game wows with aesthetic

Cuphead is a challenging, bullet-hell platformer with an art style based on classic cartoons from the 1930s. While many gamers are interested in...


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