Day: June 5, 2017

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SB4 attempts to fix nonexistent problem

The Texas legislature passed Senate Bill 4 after a prolonged debate. Gov. Greg Abbott has finally accomplished his goal of ridding Texas of...


Caught in dreamSpace

An audiovisual exhibition, “dreamSpace,” was performed as part of Dallas’ annual Soluna Festival outside the Meyerson Symphony Center. It was the brainchild of...

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‘Dead Men’ tie up loose ends

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is the fifth movie in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Most of the...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Professors run nonprofit program

Electrical engineering professors at UTD run a nonprofit tutoring program called IntelliChoice seeking to help underprivileged kids get ahead in school. Gil Sik...

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Team creates medical app

A team at UTD will develop an application allowing students to practice interviewing medical patients through augmented reality. The concept won the U.S....

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Drawn to art

A little boy stares into the face of his grandma. She smiles wide, the wrinkles outlining her mouth bowing in further. In the...

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UTD enacts campus-wide tobacco-free policy

After the initial announcement in January, UTD is now officially a tobacco-free campus. Calvin Jamison, vice president of administration, said before the policy’s...

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Perceptions about Muslim-Americans

After conducting a study on attitudes towards Muslim students on campus, an alumna found evidence that the majority of UTD students view Muslims...

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Muslim students balance Ramadan, school

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan occurs during a critical time for students taking summer courses. Muslim students experience reduced energy from fasting,...


The heat


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