Day: February 6, 2017


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UTD hosts NCAA representatives

The NCAA visited UTD to meet with members of the athletic department as part of its effort to build a guide of best...


Full contact

The UTD women’s rugby team has been growing in size each year since its inception, yet it still struggles to recruit and retain...


Baseball to fill starter vacancies

UTD’s baseball team is preparing to start the new season with a revamped starting line up. As the team practices for its first...

Life & Arts

Dance group fosters culture of confidence

Belly dancing has become a way for members of the newest dance organization on campus to become comfortable with their bodies and abilities....

Life & Arts

On the cutting edge

No Samurai ever met a knight on the field of battle, but at UTD’s Sword Arts club, katanas have met longswords. The student-run...


Q&A: Immigration Expert

Wayne Cornelius is a distinguished professor emeritus of political science at UC San Diego. He is an expert on comparative immigration policy. His...

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Chi Phi fraternity put on deferred suspension for hazing

This story has been corrected since its original publication. The disciplinary committee and Office of Community Standards and Conduct found Chi Phi responsible...

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UTD lags behind in languages

Despite the benefits of learning a new language, UTD students do not have the option of majoring or minoring in a foreign language....


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