Day: October 19, 2015

Life & Arts

What to Watch on Netflix

    American Horror Story: Freak Show —  Added Oct. 6 The fourth season of the “American Horror Story” series once again offers...

Life & Arts

Halloween Haunts

Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival Location: East Hickory and Industrial Street – Denton Celebrate with a twist of culture by commemorating Día...

Life & ArtsPinpossible

Wood Geometric Jewelry

Sometimes I think people who read Pin Possible assume I have a lot of talent when it comes to creating crafts. Unfortunately, my...


Split Decision

The first Democratic presidential debate was hosted on Oct. 13. News outlets across the board gave former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the...


Halloween Costume


Pumpkin Patch


Women should be embraced in men’s sports

Commentators reactions to female broadcaster during MLB game highlights lack of acceptance of women in sports industry Change, in all facets, can be...


Fountain of Youth

Freshman and sophomore players lead soccer teams in goals, points At the collegiate and professional level, young players often encounter growing pains as...


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