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Postcard from: India

<strong>Editor’s Note: The UTD Mercury is highlighting the adventures of UTD students who travel abroad. In this final installment, Michael Seeligson, a junior mathematics major, shares his experiences from India, …
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News Briefs 07/19/04

<strong>Cops to car hop in upcoming fundraiser</strong>

Normally, having a police officer approach your open car window is far from a pleasant experience.

But, several UTD police officers …
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Shedding light on ShadowLan

Since UTD is a fairly young college, the city of Richardson hasn’t really developed into a college town, leaving many students with very little to do after about 9 p.m. …
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Women’s Center hosts Wi$e Up national launch

UTD was headquarters for the national press conference for Wi$e Up financial planning’s official launch July 13 that was attended by more than 140 people from outlying universities and business.

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Buildings, degrees approved

<p>UTD took a huge step in achieving top-tier status with the approval of three new buildings and degree plans by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) July 15.</p> <p> …
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Two new Residential Coordinators hired

With the flood of new freshmen pouring in for the fall 2004 semester, Waterview could use a few more hands for the new faces.

That is why UTD hired …
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UTD Police Scanner

<strong>June 22</strong>

A student reported the theft of a dog from Waterview Park Apartments.

UTD Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence in Waterview Park (WP) …
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Counseling Center policy unacceptable

There have been numerous complaints from students not taking summer school who are not allowed to use facilities on campus during the summer.

I can understand the university forcing …
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Common decency not so common

<p>There is a prize for the person who correctly answers the question, “What is common decency?”</p> <p> </p> <p>When asked this question most people might have a textbook definition of …
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