Winter Break Binge-Watching

After returning to UTD after a restful break — and I hope yours was too — I came across so many friends and new faces who were enthusiasticnetflix meme to tell me about their time huddled in bed watching Netflix on their own time off. These days, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t familiar with streaming movies and television for hours, or even days at a time! It has become such a relevant and easily accessible way to spend time relaxing.

One of the most highly anticipated releases for eager aggudiences was the “Gilmore Girls Revival.” Fans had been asking for a revival of this for almost 10 years. Along with the “Gilmore Girls” reunion, star of the beloved series, Lauren Graham, released a book about her experiences coming back as witty Lorelai Gilmore, a character she stated that she related to on a deep level. The excitement of longtime fans was hardly unnoticed in everyday life. To make the hype even greater, Netflix opened up real coffee shops all over America named after “Luke’s,” (the diner that Lorelai and her daughter, Rory, frequent) for one day only. It was an enormous success. (I waited a good 3 hours in line for a cup of Luke’s coffee.)

With that success included Graham’s book, Talking as Fast as I Can. This book was about Graham’s specifics about her life and time with the “Gilmore Girls” cast. It is a greatLauren-Graham-book read for anyone who is obsessed with “Gilmore Girls,” but probably would not be as interesting for others. The only part of the hype I would change is the revival itself. *Spoiler Alert*: There were plot holes, unnecessary musicals (Summer episode), and worst of all, characters changed dramatically to our surprise (ahem, Rory.) Graham did not fail the fans, but some things are just better left alone. (No matter how much the fans beg and plead for more.)

Sometimes television/movies really do deserve another go though, especially with the revolution that is streaming shows with the simple pressA-Series-of-Unfortunate-Events of a button on your remote. In 2004, we experienced a disappointment. Many of you might remember Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” movie starring a ton of fantastic actors/actresses. Some of which included Jim Carrey, Meryl Streep, Billy Connelly, Catherine O’Hara and Timothy Spall. The book series of the same name had been very popular since 1999, and with all the talented actors involved, who would have thought it would be a complete disaster? With three books (and random events not even in the books) forced into one movie, any chances for a sequel were smashed directly after it was released. To be honest, the entire movie made no sense. (And that’s coming from a fan of the series and all the actors included.)

What a thrill it was to hear aasoue booksbout Neil Patrick Harris starring in the new Netflix ASOUE. It was released shortly after we returned from break, and I have to say that it was one of the best shows I have ever binge-watched. The show covers books 1-4 spread out over 8 episodes, which was exactly what this story needed. It simply could not be thrown together in one speedy movie, even if the actors were phenomenal in their own ways. It is easy to tell that Netflix spent a pretty penny making this a show to keep on your radar. Its overall atmosphere is dark and filled with wonder, just as the books are. I am so happy to say they followed the story wonderfully without fail! Not only did they choose actors who were more convincing as children this time, but the young actors deliver
ed on their performances excellently. This show has my vote (and you should read the book series, of course) for a binge-watch, or at least a shot!

Happy binge-watching on your weekends now that we are all back at it!nph

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