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Winter Break Binge-Watching

After returning to UTD after a restful break — and I hope yours was too — I came across so many friends and new faces who...

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Scrappy Little Nobody Anna Kendrick

In this modern world that feels overrun with spoiled rotten Kardashians, there is hope for raw talent to be held high again: Anna...

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From Drunk Cooking to “Hartening” Writing

Every college student uses YouTube for something or another. Seriously everyone. Whether the website be used for makeup tutorials, gaming, vlogs, shopping hauls,...

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Predictable Sparks Grows Within New Unpredictable Novel, Two by Two.

I’ll be frank, anybody who has not heard of author Nicholas Sparks is fully and absolutely unaccustomed to the romance section of their...

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children…Burton success or fail?

Goth favorite and master of dark comedy and sporadic ideologies, Tim Burton announced in early 2012 that he would be directing the adaptation...


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