Scrappy Little Nobody Anna Kendrick

In this modern world that feels overrun with spoiled rotten Kardashians, there is hope for raw talent to be held high again: Anna Kendrick. Kendrick, child actor and star of, “Into the Woods”, “Pitch Perfect”, and “Up in the Air”, is arguably the most relatable actress of our time. Enthralled along with the public, publishers instantly reached out to her when seeing her attention-grabbing posts (tweets, specifically.) Unsure about why anyone would want to read a book about her life, humble Kendrick annareluctantly agreed to a book deal.

Quotes like, “Sometimes the only reason I leave my house is so when someone asks about my day I don’t have to say ‘Netflix and avoiding responsibilities’,” are reasons why everyone, even snobby book publishers can see a future with her authentic writing.  My personal favorite tweet is, “Sometimes the best part of my day is imagining what I’m gonna eat when I get off work.” Who doesn’t do that? I mean, Anna’s job is a multi million paying gig usually, but same thing right?

Scrappy Little Nobody was the book version of having a chat and catching up on old stories with a best friend whom you haven’t seen in a year or so. It worked, and it was awesome! It’s even better if you listen to the audiobook along with it, where Kendrick voices it herself. She talks fast and full of laughter, sarcasm and honesty. It is a book of 271 pages, but is easily finished within a day’s time. The best way to explain it is that she is just easy to understand and to connect with. “Oh man. Is my Wikipedia page going to say ‘author’ now? That’s gonna make me look like such a dick,” Kenannakendrickdrick wrote.

One of the best parts of this read is the unpretentious voice she speaks. She is a huge movie actress and starred on Broadway, and yet when she talks of her everyday life in this book, you feel as if you have had a similar day. (If only!) She talks about her family’s journey with poverty and struggles to keep her in acting as well. She notes several times that she has a hard time accepting expensive gifts from anyone because she always wants to remember where she came from.

Kendrick inspires so many with her writing and in her life to be who they are and not care what the media says a celebrity should be. That’s why she is so lovable. She also embraces her physical appearance opposed to the norm from female celebrities, which is a bigger deal to everyday women and girls than one might think. Instead of wanting to change every detail about one’s appearance, Kendrick inspires girls to love themselves and value education, experiences and being humble. You will not regret buying this book! (Again, get the audiobook with it- it’s so worth it.) In closing, Kendrick says in her perfectly respectful, but timid way, “I hope that you have found this entertaining and maybe (my highest goal) it has made you feel less alone.” Isn’t she the best?

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