Trial for murder of UTD admin begins

Photo courtesy of Anna Moses Facebook.


Opening arguments in the trial of Robert Moses, the man accused by Frisco police in the fatal shooting of UTD administrator Anna Moses, began on Oct. 25.

At the time of her death, Moses worked as an assistant director of strategic planning and analysis. Her ex-husband, Robert Moses, was arrested and charged with her murder last March.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Moses was found shot in her garage by Frisco police on Jan. 14, still wearing her coat with her mail on the floor.

Several hours later, investigators found Moses’ car several blocks away from her house with small spots of blood on the driver’s seat, which DNA analysis matched to Robert Moses.

On Jan. 15, Robert Moses was interviewed by police and the Frisco Enterprise reported Robert Moses stated he could not recall his exact whereabouts on Jan. 13.

Prosecutors described her murder as a targeted killing and have discussed signs of domestic violence in 2013 and Robert Moses’ thousands of dollars in debt, according to Dallas Morning News

Vice Provost John Wiorkowski, a close friend and mentor of Anna Moses, testified Friday.

Moses’ purchase of Taco Bell on her drive home on Jan. 13 also became a point of interest in the trial because prosecutors are using it to estimate the timeline of her death that evening.

The trial of Robert Moses resumes in Collin County courthouse on Oct. 31.


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