The Roses ‘Dusk to Dawn’ Tour Lights Up Texas

Photo By Sofia Meinardus | Mercury Staff


K-rock band The Rose delivered an electrifying performance on Nov. 5 at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas, leaving their devoted fanbase spellbound as part of their sensational Dawn to Dusk US/Canada tour.

The Rose continues to be a fast-rising group on the music scene, with a Nov. 5 attendance of over 4000 fans. From the moment fans — called Black Roses — walked into the theatre, a buzz of anticipation filled the cool air. The night was alive with light chatter as fans eagerly awaited the start of the concert and took to merchandise lines to secure souvenirs. At 8:00 p.m., seats were filled, and a hush fell upon the crowd as the lights dimmed. The opening notes of “Eclipse” reverberated throughout the venue, bringing a wave of cheers. The band took the stage amidst orange fog and the theater erupted into a display of vibrant colors as fans illuminated the space with their light sticks. Beginning with a slow introspective melody, the audience was immersed in a world of self-reflection and inner turmoil.

“Dawn,” an instrumental song, filled the theater with an ethereal ambiance while the band became accustomed to the stage. Black Roses, adorned in flower crowns and touches of casual grunge, swayed to the music, immersed in the pop-rock fusion. Anticipation reached its peak as the band gathered onstage and officially kickstarted the concert with the emotionally charged ballad “You’re Beautiful.”

Led by Woosung on the electric guitar and Dojoon on the piano, The Rose kicked off their next two songs, “Shift” and “Lifeline.” Woosung’s magnetic voice effortlessly navigated the twists and turns of the melody with smooth modulation. He harmonized beautifully with the mellow acoustic guitar and captured the deep emotions of both songs. As “Lifeline” reached its end, the band paused to formally introduce themselves, allowing fans to personally connect with Woosung, Dojoon, bass guitarist Jaehyeong and drummer Hajoon.

Fans cheered in excitement, and the four members asked the audience to turn their light sticks red for the next song. With hints of electronic elements, The Rose performed the popular track “RED,” transforming the stadium into a sea of crimson lights and fervent voices. Woosung’s animated gestures and passionate voice encouraged fans to sing along. As the song peaked, both guitarists traveled across the stage, getting the audience to jump in unison.

Moving forward, The Rose dove into their discography, performing crowd favorites “Back To Me” and the anthem “Yes.” Fans changed the colors of their light sticks to match the mood of the songs, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the lyrics and the band’s inspirational message of living a life full of hope and resilience.

Before playing the heartfelt “I.L.Y.,” Woosung introduced Jaehyeong and Hajoon as the lead vocalists for the song, creating an intimate and tender atmosphere. Bathed in soft yellow lights, their silhouettes framed a picture of vulnerability and emotional depth as the two singers delivered a flawless performance, showcasing the band’s versatility as both instrumentalists and vocalists.

After “I.L.Y.,” the lights dimmed, and the theatre turned into a sea of deep blues and purples for “Time.” Transitioning to “Beauty and the Beast,” ethereal church bell chimes resonated throughout the venue, bringing a haunting creativity to the performance as the screen behind the stage filled with hourglasses and ticking clocks.

With an extensive setlist, The Rose guided the audience through a musical journey of their hit songs “Dusk,” “Angel” and “Alive,” unique energy animating each track. They then took a moment to express their gratitude to fans before moving into “Sorry.” The Rose charted on the Billboard Top 200 with their September album “Dual,” and thanked fans for making it possible through their support.

“We believe that as human beings we are not special, but we believe that the music we listen to and that we share is very special, so thank you,” Woosung said.

As the concert drew to a close, The Rose created a sense of unity with “Cure,” “Cosmo” and “Wonder.” Wrapping up, the backtrack of “Wonder” continued to play as the band took a memorable picture with the entire crowd, holding a Texas flag and a flag that read “Happy Birthday Jaehyeong.” As the band got ready to leave the stage, all the members threw roses into the crowd.

The Dawn to Dusk concert by The Rose brought raw emotions and beautiful, real vocals to Texas, showing both their musical skill and their dedication to fans.


  • A perfect summary of the concert, which I experienced in S.F. The Black Roses are passionate about The Rose and look forward to what’s next for them…only bigger things 🥀 Thank you for helping to spread the news about The Rose!!!

    • Nicely written depiction of our guys, their concert, music, and fellow BRoses. The feelings we all share are indeed passionate as @EvaD stated, but the Rose reciprocates which is why BRoses love our guys…they know how to connect with their fans.

  • The Rose deserves far more attention (here in the US) and their recently completed US/Canada tour should cement their status as a band to watch. They came on my radar only a few months ago and I’ve done a quick catch-up job on their work. The Houston concert was just outstanding. Thanks for the well-written article, and to quote their song ‘Time’: “Cheers to a new opening”

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