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Dhunki: a ‘spellbound melody’ of a cappella

UTD students travel across the country from California to Atlanta, taking stages bathed in warm lights. This a cappella group, a self-identified found...

Life & Arts

PHANTOMs mesmerizes with ephemeral performance

The ethereal realm of PHANTOMs, where reality and performance intertwine, leaves audiences questioning the nature of their own beliefs and perceptions. Art and...

Life & Arts

Marco Frescas: the DJ king of campus

Computer science junior Marco Frescas aims to transform the social landscape of UTD through his passion for music and DJing which brings vibrant...

Life & Arts

Unicycle club wheels into the spotlight

Juggling life and school can be difficult for college students, but the UTD Unicycle Club members balance it all atop their single wheel....


UTD Alumnus creates ChatGPT-powered language learning app

As language learning tools flood the digital landscape, Lingua Link emerges to fill in the gaps left by Duolingo and similar apps, using...


Dallas native explores trauma and religion in new thriller

“The Magdalenes” by Jeanne Skartsiaris takes readers along a roller coaster of secrets and a quest for justice. Beyond the thriller element, the...

Life & Arts

Gymnastics club flips into the limelight

In the gym, members of the UTD gymnastics club perform flips, turns on the beam and splits. But beyond the floor, these gymnasts...

Life & Arts

Polaris shines bright with dance covers

Immersed in the electrifying beats of K-pop music, students at UTD aren’t just dancing; they’re finding a love for performance, fashion and more...


Fanfiction contest winner captures UTD meme culture

Thirty seconds before the EROL II writing competition’s initial deadline, biochemistry sophomore Maria Shaikh submitted her fanfiction magnum opus, “Benson takes the rocks...

Life & Arts

The Slants share history fighting for free expression

Simon Tam and Joe Jiang shared an evening of music and passion with Comets on Feb. 2. They were invited on campus by...


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