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The Slants share history fighting for free expression

Simon Tam and Joe Jiang shared an evening of music and passion with Comets on Feb. 2. They were invited on campus by...


Fanfiction contest winner captures UTD meme culture

Thirty seconds before the EROL II writing competition’s initial deadline, biochemistry sophomore Maria Shaikh submitted her fanfiction magnum opus, “Benson takes the rocks...


Comets blaze a trail in racing

Strolling by ECSW, a glance through the center bottom-floor window reveals the construction of a competitive racing car – a glimpse into where...

Life & Arts

Furries of UTD: just like you and me

Walking down Rutford Avenue on Halloween, you may see something unexpected: a parade of students dressed up as humanoid animals, with furry bodies...


Basketball spotlight: Donovan Souter and Trystan Clark

As the men’s and women’s basketball teams approach the midpoint of their seasons, the spotlight falls on athletes senior Donovan Souter (#2) and...

Life & Arts

The Roses ‘Dusk to Dawn’ Tour Lights Up Texas

K-rock band The Rose delivered an electrifying performance on Nov. 5 at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas, leaving their...

Life & Arts

Grounded: Art exhibit at SP/N gallery north of campus highlights fragile relationship of humans with environment

All Photos By Gregory Binu | Mercury Staff The “Grounded: Art Exhibition” at the SP/N Gallery at UTD, curated by Marilyn Waligore, professor...


Defective vacuum pump potential cause for NSERL evacuation

UTD’s Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory, or NSERL, was evacuated around 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 10 due to reports of a...


Parking prices climb, students dodge the meter

As parking prices increase and space becomes limited, UTD students search for unconventional ways to park without paying. Strategies for avoiding payment include...


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