Varshitha Korrapolu


Intro to UTD sports

While UTD does not have a football team, there is a plethora of exciting sporting events you can attend during your time here....


Northside vandals strike

Northside residents reported a string of vandalism in late March in and around Building 13. Several residents of Northside Building 13 reported graffiti...


Alumni mends gaps in education

UTD neuroscience alumnus Sofia Babool founded a startup company known as BrightOwl in August 2021. The company aims to close educational gaps for...


Eco Hub Blooms For Spring

In the face of global warming, ozone depletion and rampant deforestation, UTD’s Eco Hub, a project of the Office of Sustainability managed by...


Senate bills threaten DEI

Three Senate bills proposed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick could have serious implications on higher education institutions if they are passed in the...

Life & Arts

Gender studies minor opens students’ eyes to world issues

UTD’s gender studies minor gives students the opportunity to study and discuss how topics such as the gender pay gap, abortion and non-binary...


LOV Task Force strives to support minorities

UTD faculty and administrators form task forces to increase outreach and support the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. After the murder of...


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