Alumni mends gaps in education

UTD neuroscience alumnus Sofia Babool founded a startup company known as BrightOwl in August 2021. The company aims to close educational gaps for...


UTD student, cofounder and CEO of tech startup helping drivers save gas

Junior computer science major Tom Vazhekatt balances a full college workload along with being the cofounder and CEO of his startup route optimization...


Third head coach in history of women’s soccer

Stephen Shirley replaced Kanute Drugan as head coach of the UTD women’s soccer team, becoming the team’s third ever head coach. After a...


A Guiding Light For Comets In Recovery

When molecular biology senior Kevin Juarez mistakenly walked into the Center for Students in Recovery, they were expecting to turn around, close the...


UTD Police Chief Larry Zacharias retires after 14 years

After 14 years of service, UTD Police Chief Larry Zacharias officially retired on Jan. 31. As the founding sponsor of UTD’s student Emergency...


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