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SG Report 11/13/17

UTD Mobile App The Office of Information Technology released version 1.0 of the UTD mobile app on Oct. 24. The official app for...

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SG Report: 10/2/2017

UTD App OIT’s Manager of Mobile Applications Wayne Peterson, is spearheading the creation of the UTD app. SG’s role in the development of...

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SG Report: 9/18/17

UTD App After multiple years of development, the university’s in-house app developer created the UTD app that entered the beta-testing phase toward the...

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SG Report: April 24th

Foreign Affairs Leader of the Academic Affairs Committee Jonathan Schueler is continuing to work with his committee on evaluating the need for more...

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SG Report: April 10th

UTD App Joey Campain, SG vice president, is continuing to oversee the production process of a new UTD app structured to track the...

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SG Report: March 27th

Comets Remember President Akshitha Padigela’s proposal to engrave the rocks in the reflection pools with the names of Comets who’ve passed while attending...

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