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Letter to the Editor: Previous op-ed supporting border wall misconstrues facts

In the Jan. 28 issue of The Mercury, an op-ed by Alexander Christie — entitled “Shutdown at the D.C. Corral” — asserted that...


Shutdown at the D.C. corral

During the Trump presidency, Americans have seen many records broken. We’ve broken all sorts of stock market records. No president has had more...

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Archer fellows navigate recent federal government shutdown

When economics senior Jack Sollows began his semester in Washington, D.C., he did not expect a weeks-long delay in the midst of a...

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Trump is America’s wake-up call

As the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration recently passed, media platforms from Fox News to TIME magazine have reviewed Trump’s time...

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What happens next?

Editor’s Note: The name of Jose was changed to protect his identity. Jose was two years old when he boarded a bus bound...

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Students react to transgender military ban

At the age of 16, Peng Peng Zheng, like any other male about to graduate from high school in Singapore, registered for the...


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