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Anastasia Paramzina: a natural competitor

From an early age, economics freshman Anastasia Paramzina said chess fascinated her — and she knew she needed to win. Paramzina, now a...

Life & Arts

‘Godzilla Minus One’ roars back with emotional depth

Godzilla returns to the big screen in a massive display of raw power in “Godzilla Minus One.” But Godzilla’s newest film is not...

Life & Arts

New Year’s resolutions: Do they work?

“New year, new me” usually comes along with the dozens of resolutions people set for themselves in January. But how many of these...

Life & Arts

Sorcerers of Showmanship

In a dark auditorium, magicians command the stage with cards in hand, choosing audience members to be the guinea pigs of the classic...

Life & Arts

A Midsummer’s Night’s drag transforms campus with fantasy, charity, and unforgettable performances

Chi Alpha Iota transformed the SSA stage into a fantasy wonderland through the Shakespearean theme of “A Midsummer’s Night’s Drag” on Nov. 4...

Life & Arts

Dia de los Muertos Symposium Explores ‘Emotional Nepantla’ to Bridge Cultural Gaps

The “Dia De Muertos Symposium: ‘Emotional Nepantla’,” a two-day event presented by the Center for U.S.-Latin America Initiatives, or CUSLAI, highlighted the internal...

Life & Arts

Freddy Fazbear Comes Alive in “Five Nights at Freddy” Film

Most of Gen Z remembers the thrill of watching their favorite gamers attempting to make it through the night at Freddy’s Pizzeria, or...

Life & Arts

This Halloween, kick the overrated costumes and get original

When we think of horrifying, we imagine ghouls, beasts and other devilish creatures, but in reality there is nothing spookier than having a...

Life & Arts

Vibrant visions: Latin American art exhibition unveiled

“La Frontera: The Border Exhibit” — a campus pop-up installation curated by Jorge Baldor — highlights the struggles, dreams and challenges of undocumented...


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