Laura-Jane Cunningham


Hits, misses as the semester begins

Campus comes back to life during the fall after a slow summer semester, and this year the sense of heightened activity is compounded...


Students need to see syllabi sooner for purchases, planning

Few students have the luxury of considering full time enrollment with a full-time job. Most juggle work, family and study, meaning planning is...

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Moving on in

Cameron and Jeffery Ayers make going to college a family affair After only an hour of moving, Art & Technology freshman Cameron Ayers...

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Watching weight minus mom

Flab can be frustrating, but fighting it can be fun. Amanda Smith, UTD health education coordinator, is organizing a freshman 15 club designed...

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Internet broadcasts channel freedom

I love internet television. I love the providers: Fox, NBC, the CW, Hulu and others who have tapped into the seldom acknowledged truth...


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