Grace Cowger


‘Heartstopper’ makes minorities tokens

To justify queerness to heterosexual audiences, queer media loses its nuance and limits exploration of other topics besides sexuality. This stems from new...


No Comet left inside

Comets on campus found themselves in the direct path of a total solar eclipse on April 8 — This sighting brought thousands of...


Trains over towers: Why DFW desperately needs the high-speed rail plan

If demolishing the Reunion Tower is necessary for implementing intercity high-speed rail in Texas, then it is critical we do it to help...


Dallas native explores trauma and religion in new thriller

“The Magdalenes” by Jeanne Skartsiaris takes readers along a roller coaster of secrets and a quest for justice. Beyond the thriller element, the...


Women in politics: local politicians connect with Comets

Texas House Representatives Cassandra Hernandez, Victoria Neave Criado, Mihaela Plesa and Averie Bishop led a women running for office panel on campus on...


Taylor Swift AI deepfakes show need for stricter laws

Sexually explicit AI generated images of Taylor Swift at football games circulated on social media platforms such as X, Reddit, and Facebook on...

Life & Arts

‘Saltburn’ puts more than a sprinkle of depravity on your For You page

Grave fucking. A man eating semen out of a bath drain. These motifs for obsession and power — all jaw-droppingly unorthodox — are...

Life & Arts

New Year, New ‘Mean Girls’

“Mean Girls” (2024) hits theaters 20 years after the original, bringing a revamped and modern look at one of the biggest pop culture...


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