RISD to adopt new election system

Officials from the Richardson Independent School District have decided to transition from an at-large election system to a hybrid system following the settlement...


Midterm elections 2018

UTD students joined the rest of the country last Tuesday in voting in the midterm elections. For several voters, this election was different...

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This election season, don’t forget about health care

A key complaint from students at UTD is the lack of access to mental health counseling services on campus due to high demand....


An illusion of transparency

A week ago, I was listening to The Ben Shapiro Show, a conservative podcast. For those familiar with Shapiro’s sharp wit and rapid...


The Editorial Board: No more excuses

We have an opportunity to change our nation — to determine the direction of our policies and mold a better future. But only...

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County divide to have implications for elections

Near Franklyn Jenifer Drive, a congressional district line splits the UTD campus in half. This distinction determines which congressional candidate, county judge and...

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Who will you choose? – Catalyze

Two candidates running for Student Government president and vice president on the Catalyze ticket represent a platform focused on spirit, communication and sustainability...

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Who will you choose? – Your Voice

With a platform focused on communication and bridging the gap between students and Student Government, two candidates are running for president and vice...

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SG proposes constitution amendment to election

Correction: The article was updated to reflect that Vice President Alex Holcomb is not for the proposed amendment change. In a proposed amendment...


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