Life & Arts

Vibrant visions: Latin American art exhibition unveiled

“La Frontera: The Border Exhibit” — a campus pop-up installation curated by Jorge Baldor — highlights the struggles, dreams and challenges of undocumented...

Life & Arts

Mitski brings her most mature work to the Wild West

With her heart-wrenching lyrics and mellow voice, singer-songwriter Mitski has become a household name for indie fans, bringing listeners both comfort and pain...


Subreddit drama endangers students

At the end of the spring 2023 semester, UTD subreddit moderators clashed, causing the removal of one of its most helpful moderators, u/WillieCubed....


Drag wins are LGBTQ+ wins

All LGBTQ+ Texans, especially college-age students, should celebrate the Sept. 26 overturning of Texas’s “drag show ban.” A victory for the drag community...


Letter to the Editor

For an article that landed itself on the front page, “McDermott library ramps up security” says very little. Ten paragraphs. Twenty sentences. A...


Letter to the Editor

The opinion on “Poor parking and transportation” highlights crucial issues but only scratches the surface. Yes, the parking lots are terrible; they don’t...

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