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In Your Time of Need

Recent campus events underscore importance of knowing where to find support Recent events concerning the Jacob Anderson case and allegations of Chartwells mistreating...

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Counseling Center starts online therapy program

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to include additional information from the SCC and to clarify that the SCC’s waitlist for services...

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Counseling Center waitlist eliminated

The Student Counseling Center’s new scheduling system has eliminated the need for a waitlist. The revised procedure was implemented during the fall 2017...

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Resiliency through support

Cynthia Nguyen was driving to escape her friends back at UTD. They were worried that she was suicidal and wanted her to stay...


Counseling Center waitlist reflects increasing student demand for help

The current waitlist for the UTD Student Counseling Center has 127 people. A month and a half ago, there were 108 people on...

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Counseling Center explores online program

The Student Counseling Center may have shorter wait times and more personalized therapy in the coming year, thanks to a new Student Government...

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Silent Epidemic

Eating disorders plague college campuses, new forms of mental illness surface An epidemic more common than the flu has millions of victims in...


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