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What’s What: October’s Local Art Highlights

It’s midterm season, and let’s be honest: you’re looking for anything to distract yourself from school right now. There’s nothing like local art...

Life & Arts

SP/N Gallery honors ATEC Professor

Richard Brettell, a prominent art historian and educator, transformed the Dallas art scene during his lifetime. His brief tenure as the director of...

Life & Arts

Music, mythology and Madonna

Touting an impressive three solo exhibitions this year alone, Dallas-based visual artist Armando Sebastian is dominating the DFW art scene. Sebastian’s work captures...

Life & Arts

What’s what: this month’s local art highlights

As this semester eases into its monotonous groove, it’s time for Comets to get cultured. How else are you going to sound smart...

Life & Arts

Art Review: Ephemera(lity)

Reading the press release for Eli Ruhala and Tad Greenwald’s partner show, “Ephemera(lity),”a stark déjà vu set in. The purple descriptions of “transitory...


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