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Alum finds calling in acting

Ever since he won a contest to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial, one UTD alum has starred in several aired television...

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Ensembles grapple with space shortage

Several music ensembles continue to outgrow their already-constrained practice space located in classroom building AH1. The room now has to accommodate more than...


Art classes are vital to college experience

It’s a known fact that the arts are underrepresented at UTD, with the destruction of the Art Barn and the lack of real...


Adding art to STEM still worth prioritizing

The STEM to STEAM movement, a push towards an integrated environment where science, technology, engineering and math are taught with the arts as...


Humans of Arts and Humanities

A&H students, faculty look to find their place in university known for STEM fields UTD is known for its cutting-edge programs focusing on...

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