Zachary Rose


Black student athlete spotlight

Junior Sarah Lewis and sophomore Cierra Trigg have established themselves as cornerstone members of the softball and basketball teams respectively. With the spring...


Third head coach in history of women’s soccer

Stephen Shirley replaced Kanute Drugan as head coach of the UTD women’s soccer team, becoming the team’s third ever head coach. After a...

Life & Arts

‘Skinamarink’ Gets Under Viewers’ Skin

Despite poorly developed characters and a lack of plot, Kyle Edward Ball’s indie horror flick “Skinamarink” creates one of the most unnerving experiences...


Tennis Teams Take The Court

After impressive seasons in 2022, the UTD men’s and women’s tennis teams look to achieve new successes. With games coming up for both...


Rising Stars Shine Bright on UTD Basketball Teams

As the UTD men’s and women’s basketball teams reach the midpoint of their seasons, rising athletes emerge for each team. Women’s basketball freshman...

Life & Arts

Amsterdam comes with a star-studded cast but fails to take advantage of it

Helmed by an Oscar-nominated director and performed by star-studded actors, David O. Russell’s “Amsterdam” was built for success but instead flopped as a...


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