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Crow Museum of Asian Art set to open on campus one year from now

The first phase of the Athenaeum, also known as the Crow Museum of Asian Art at UTD, is currently undergoing construction and will...

Life & Arts

Study, Escape,Sleep, Repeat

Campus life can be busy and overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it to experience some peace. There are many...


Uniting Through Mind, Spirit and Body

In a vibrant celebration of the International Day of Yoga, Hindu YUVA organized a rejuvenating and restful event at The Plinth. Uthsaha Ramesh,...


Students develop AI-poweredchat bot to aid ECS students

A group of UTD students created an AI chatbot that can act as a virtual advisor, answering questions related to the School of...


Social Life and friends

Plenty of folks roam around UTD, so socializing can sometimes seem daunting in this vast, uncharted territory. To help out, we’ve put together...

Life & Arts

The need for speed

Spring is here, and students are back to using all their creative forms of transportation! With everyone out of hibernation, curiosity got the...

Life & Arts

A day in Ramadan : from sunrise to sunset

As the sun sets on UTD, healthcare freshman Rafah Shaik passes out steaming kabobs and paratas to masses of hungry students eager —...

Life & Arts

Classical band Duo Mantar brings history to life

Duo Mantar came to UTD on Feb. 4 during their national tour to recapture the cultural majesty of 75 years of Israeli music....


A Guiding Light For Comets In Recovery

When molecular biology senior Kevin Juarez mistakenly walked into the Center for Students in Recovery, they were expecting to turn around, close the...


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