Uniting Through Mind, Spirit and Body

Participants doing  Vrukshasana — a tree pose which helps strengthen the ligaments in your feet.

In a vibrant celebration of the International Day of Yoga, Hindu YUVA organized a rejuvenating and restful event at The Plinth. Uthsaha Ramesh, a UTD alumni, practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and 200-hour certified yoga instructor,  led a group of 30 enthusiastic participants through an immersive and transformative yoga experience. Under Uthsaha’s skillful guidance, participants delved into various yoga asanas,or poses, integrating breathing techniques and mindfulness, to unlock the benefits of Yoga for the mind, body and soul.

Through this event, Hindu YUVA said they aimed to promote a sense of unity and fostera greater understanding and appreciation for yoga. This event served to go beyond just the physical aspects of Yoga and celebrated the cultural and spiritual dimensions that are inherent in its practice. Hindu YUVA said the International Day of Yoga serves as a global platform to honor the ancient wisdom of Hindu spirituality and philosophy. It is a day for individuals across the world to embrace the essence of authentic yoga and its contributions to today’s world.

“It felt so fulfilling to come back on campus and teach students yoga. I feel really happy that yoga is picking up and people are more enthusiastic about physical and mental wellness these days.” said Utsaha Ramesh who was one of the yoga instructors.

Instructor Ramesh explaining the benefits of Suryanamaskara, the full body exercise in the form of a sun salutation.
Instructor and participants doing the Trikonasana , which helps relieve stiffness and enhancing flexibility of the hamstrings.

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