Preview of A Night at the Art Barn

Arms around the Barn, as seen against the sunset.

“Arms around the Barn” will open on Friday, July 11 at 6:30pm during A Night at the Art Barn, an event hosted by Radio UTD in the Visual Arts Building.

Dallas-based band Totally Butchered, Denton’s Nite and DJ Colly T will be providing live music for the event.

Several alumni and students, including Lori Robertson-Snyder, Cynthia Saathoff, Jennifer Burrhus and Steph Hargrove, have contributed their art for the opening.

Arms around the Barn T-shirts are available to be printed on spot and there will be food and drinks served. Hargrove will sell handmade necklaces made out of bottle-caps while Saathoff will have a henna booth and various small art pieces for sale.

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