Participate in student orgs, campus events


Where did the year go? The pages of our academic calendars have flown by at a breakneck pace, propelled as if by an occult hand, and now we’re within a month of summer. It’s a good reminder to those of us who aren’t graduating this semester (they’ve already learned this lesson): your time in college goes by quick. So, Comets, take advantage of your time on campus and get involved as frequently as you can.

College presents a rare opportunity to be surrounded by 25,000 other precisely age-based peers. And yes, while schoolwork is both challenging and a primary priority—we’re students, after all–it is not all-consuming. We tend to have time for the things we choose to make space for. Plus, some Department of Education research indicates that teenage students regularly participating in extracurriculars may be up to three times as likely to have a 3.0 or better!

The benefits don’t stop there. Extra-curricular activities have been shown to facilitate problem-solving abilities, enable better adaptability and expression of emotion, enhance students’ general wellbeing and contribute to the development of improved interpersonal skills. But most importantly, they create an outlet for you to plug into different aspects of the Comet community. Extracurriculars aren’t just transactional chores to complete in order to improve your GPA, mental wellbeing, and career prospects—they’re also meant to be fun, as strictly voluntary associations.

So, join a weekly trivia group, play intramural sports, or if you’re looking to improve your written communication, perhaps apply to write for The Mercury. Find your niche here, and if it doesn’t exist yet, leave your own mark on the constantly growing list of more than 400 student organizations. UTD provides countless opportunities to connect with peers and bond around common interests, hobbies, or professions before you move into the comparative isolation of adulthood. Don’t miss it.