Issue 1 16 2024

Texas bills bring uncertainty for immigrant students | January 16, 2024

With the passing of SB 17, the Latino community at UTD will have to organize cultural celebrations and events with less support from their school, and with SB 4, law enforcement will be broadly empowered to take action against those they suspect of being undocumented, LULAC representatives said. SB 17 went into effect on Jan. […]

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion replaced with OCRS | January 16, 2024

UTD’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is dismantled as of Dec. 31 and will now be replaced by the Office of Campus Resources and Support, or OCRS, in compliance with SB 17. Under SB 17, universities in Texas are now banned from enforcing diversity statements in hiring procedures or providing faculty and staff with […]

ODEI removed: trans students react | January 16, 2024

Texas SB 17 is officially in effect, bringing an end to the Galerstein Gender Center and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Trans students have been left with far fewer on campus resources; some now turn to student organizations like Pride for support. As part of UTD’s adherence to the state law, identity-based workshops […]

Eddie Bernice Johnson passes | January 16, 2024

Eddie Bernice Johnson died Dec. 31, 2023 at the age of 89 after 40 years of serving as a politician at both the state and federal levels. Because of Johnson’s efforts in the Texas Senate, UTD began admitting underclassmen in the ‘90s. Johnson began her political life as a civil rights activist in the 1960s, […]

New Year, New ‘Mean Girls’ | January 16, 2024

“Mean Girls” (2024) hits theaters 20 years after the original, bringing a revamped and modern look at one of the biggest pop culture sensations of the 2000s.  The new film is an adaptation of the Broadway musical, adapted from the 2004 original comedy of the same name. “Mean Girls” (2024) released on Jan. 12, starring […]

‘Godzilla Minus One’ roars back with emotional depth | January 16, 2024

Godzilla returns to the big screen in a massive display of raw power in “Godzilla Minus One.” But Godzilla’s newest film is not just about the destructive monster — it is a sentimental story about war, love and humanity’s ability to work together. “Godzilla Minus One” is an improvement on the action sci-fi genre, going […]

New Year’s resolutions: Do they work? | January 16, 2024

“New year, new me” usually comes along with the dozens of resolutions people set for themselves in January. But how many of these resolutions do they keep up with, and are they empty promises for change? The Mercury conducted a poll and found that 25 students out of the 31 respondents stated that they do […]

‘The Iron Claw’ rips hearts apart | January 16, 2024

Children and their families would plop down in front of their television in the ’80s to watch the Von Erich brothers wrestle in an extravagant display of rippling muscle and showmanship. Decades later, families can go to the theater to relive their childhoods while watching the tragedy of the Von Erich Curse unfold before them. […]

Chess player now UTD’s 10th grandmaster | January 16, 2024

Information technology and management master’s student Brian Escalante Ramirez became UTD’s 10th grandmaster after his exceptional performance at the 2023 US Masters Open from Nov. 22-26 in Charlotte, North Carolina.   Ramirez began playing chess in elementary school in Peru at a local level; he was drawn to the sport because of the logic required to […]

Schitco Draws Against Carlsen Again | January 16, 2024

Economics junior Ivan Schitco repeated history on Nov. 15 at the 2023 European Team Chess Championship in Montenegro when he drew against world champion Magnus Carlsen for the second time. This is Schitco’s second time drawing with Carlsen, the first being in August 2022 in the Chess Olympiad. According to Chess Results, 38 teams participated […]

Basketball teams halfway to championship | January 16, 2024

UTD’s men’s and women’s basketball teams are currently mid-way through their seasons. The UTD women’s basketball team is ranked at fourth place in the American Southwest Conference; they have won 11 and lost four games. The men’s basketball team is in third place and has lost six and won nine games. So far, the men’s […]

Basketball spotlight: Donovan Souter and Trystan Clark | January 16, 2024

As the men’s and women’s basketball teams approach the midpoint of their seasons, the spotlight falls on athletes senior Donovan Souter (#2) and junior Trystan Clark (#13) for their shooting and defensive prowess and team leadership on and off the court. Both athlete’s coaches have described the pair as a force that propels their teams […]

Support UT’s trans legacy | January 16, 2024

Gender-affirming care is not a novel topic, even in Texas.

Congress comes to the Comets | January 14, 2024

UTD Democrats is hosting a congressional debate for Texas District 32 on Jan. 18, 2024, in the SSA Auditorium from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Four candidates competing for the Democratic party’s primary nomination will attend this student organized event.   Texas District 32 is the congressional district for the House of Representatives, which encompasses the […]

Students, alumni detained at Love Field Airport while protesting Biden’s arrival in Dallas | January 9, 2024

UTD students and alumni were among a dozen protesters detained Monday night demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and shutting down a main entrance to Love Field Airport as President Joe Biden landed in Dallas. According to a press release from the Palestinian Youth Movement, Dallas police detained 13 protesters during a sit-in demonstration that blocked […]

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