Issue 07 25 2022

Comets demand University take action against professor after controversial social media post | July 24, 2022

Students and alumni are pushing for UTD to fire or censure Timothy Farage, a senior computer science lecturer, after he tweeted, “Can we at least try to find a cure for homosexuality, especially among men?” in a now-deleted tweet commenting about the monkeypox outbreak in New York. The July 15...

Multiple students bring Farage’s classroom conduct to light | July 24, 2022

When Samuel Button walked into his discrete math course one autumn day in 2016, he was expecting a math lesson. Instead, he recalls, his instructor Timothy Farage opened the lecture of the day with a spiel about Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old Black boy who had been shot and killed by...

Farage needs to be removed from the classroom | July 24, 2022

Students, alumni, members of the LGBTQ community nationwide and many allies are clamoring for UTD to cut ties with computer science instructor Timothy Farage following his hurtful and backward-minded tweet on July 15 in which he called for researchers to “find a cure for homosexuality.” Farage’s termination might be justified,...

Dining Hall West Pond quality-tested for first time | July 24, 2022

After concerns of contamination in the pond by Dining Hall West, the pond was quality-tested for the first time. Environmental Program Manager Chandani Rana said that while pH levels, dissolved water levels, and conductivity for the pond were approved, pollution caused by students and staff could impact the community in...


Tech Bar blends tech with artistic expression | July 24, 2022

The TechKnowledgy Bar hosted its first official art contest this summer, uniting technology and artistic expression in the first of many outreach events. UTD’s Tech Bar was first introduced as a free service ran by UTD students for Comets in Fall 2021. IT Support Specialist IV Amanda Pritchard said in...

The Activity Center should be available year-round | July 24, 2022

Students living or working on campus can’t get access to the gym if they aren’t enrolled in class or aren’t willing to pay $65, and that shouldn’t be the case. Students living or working on campus for the summer that aren’t enrolled in summer courses should get the same access...

‘Stranger Things’ deserves serious videogame | July 24, 2022

“Stranger Things” deserves to get its own video game outside of Netflix’s mobile gaming scheme. It’s proven itself in several crossovers, and with top billing for a Netflix original already, it’s time we see its own dedicated game to stand out. To preface, the paranormal 1980s themed TV show isn’t...


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