Dramatique: revenge has never been so sweet

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Don’t start reading “Marry My Husband” before midterms, or those class notes will be set aside for this addicting webtoon. Though it is categorized as a romance, there is much more to the story than the synopsis reveals.

The fast-paced plot of “Marry My Husband” centers on Kang Jiwon’s second chance at life and her revenge mission against Park Minhwan — her husband — and Jeong Sumin — her best friend. After the two cause her death, Jiwon is reincarnated back to the moment just before she gets engaged to Minhwan. As she lives through these events once again and tries to change her fate, she discovers there was more to the life she lived, including a possible romance with a higher-up at her company. Readers will find themselves rooting for Jiwon, not out of pity for her situation but because of her good heart, cleverness and resilience.

Even with serious and dramatic tropes like revenge plots and reincarnation, the webtoon includes more typical rom-com components like workplace romance and forced proximity. But what really sets “Marry My Husband” apart from typical revenge webtoons is its emphasis on heart. Jiwon is not entirely motivated by revenge; she also tries to improve other characters’ futures through the knowledge she has gained about their fates.

By reliving these terrible events and making different choices, Jiwon realizes which people in her life were really there to support her and sees the alternative future that was seemingly out of reach. With this second chance, Jiwon can change her fate and stop Sumin and Minhwan from walking all over her. Exploring Jiwon’s new relationships creates lighthearted moments in the webtoon to balance out the dark aspect of revenge.

Originally a web novel written by sungsojak, “Marry My Husband” was adapted into a webtoon by LICO and is in development as a K-drama, with chatter about the upcoming cast popping up on social media feeds every day. The webtoon’s official English translation began releasing in August 2022 and updates every Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST. “Marry My Husband” is still early on in the story and very bingeable, with 29 episodes out so far.

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