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Protestors shut down downtown Dallas in support of Sandra Bland

Chants and calls to action echoed amidst the skyscrapers of downtown Dallas as hundreds of marchers demonstrated on July 27 to protest the death of...

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Callier Center under expansion

Research capacity will expand with new 50,000 square foot builiding Since beginning construction in April of this year, the Callier Center for Communication...

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Head volleyball coach wins gold medal in Peru

Staff member for U.S. Women’s National volleyball team returns to UTD with plans to implement strategies, poise for school squad After serving as...


Mr. Smith, Ms. Smith and Mx. Smith

Corrections: In a previous version of this article, the definition of pansexuality was incorrectly stated.  Also, attribution for policy changes on campus that...

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Former student makes court appearance

A former UTD student who was indicted for bringing a gun on campus has had his first appearance in court and was scheduled...

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Provost prepares for presidency

With the departure of David Daniel as president of the university, the wheels have already been set in motion for the administration and...


McDermott Scholar rattled by quake

Arden Wells was sitting in a teahouse in the small village of Sete, Nepal, playing cards with fellow students when the first earthquake...


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