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Faces of change: from inmates to students

Delivering flowers, supervising prisoners, teaching criminology and now serving as dean to one of UTD’s academic programs — this man has done it...

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Moving forward: Chess coach’s journey to UTD

In the midst of war-torn Yugoslavia Rade Milovanovic was faced with a decision: leave his parents, well-established law career and home behind, or...

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Craving diversity, less is more when studying overseas

Culture shock in the United States provided opportunity for self-discovery It’s that time of year again when the campus is filling back up,...

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Moving on in

Cameron and Jeffery Ayers make going to college a family affair After only an hour of moving, Art & Technology freshman Cameron Ayers...

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Watching weight minus mom

Flab can be frustrating, but fighting it can be fun. Amanda Smith, UTD health education coordinator, is organizing a freshman 15 club designed...

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Internet broadcasts channel freedom

I love internet television. I love the providers: Fox, NBC, the CW, Hulu and others who have tapped into the seldom acknowledged truth...

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Money can’t buy you spirit

UTD comet spirit, like a comet, tends to come close to campus at times, but aside from a few blazing meteorites that break...

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Physics creates trial HD

“It’s Monday, Monday, Monday!” The announcer’s voice booms throughout the arena as I start revving my motorbike’s engine, waiting for the starting light....

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Band ‘shifts’ traditional tunes

Sweet Celtic melodies drift from Emily Bryant’s guitar when she is not working in the Engineering and Computer Science dean’s suite as communications...


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