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Guide to K-Town

Whether you’re looking for groceries or fun places to go with friends on the weekend, Carrollton’s K-town has it all. To get to...


Best napping spots

Between busy schedules and commutes, it’s no secret that college students struggle to get some shut-eye. There aren’t any designated sleeping areas on...


Nice study spots

Finding the perfect study spot on campus is essential, as it can make a significant difference in your academic productivity — but not...


Campus hideouts

There are plenty of spots in UTD that are an escape from campus on campus — you don’t need to drive or take...


Top UTD Social Media

The best way to stay updated with campus news and activities is to be engaged with social media. Here are some of the...


Social Life and friends

Plenty of folks roam around UTD, so socializing can sometimes seem daunting in this vast, uncharted territory. To help out, we’ve put together...


What clubs should I join?

This phrase is something you will likely hear all the time, and student organizations are a major contributor to the social scene. But...

Life & Arts

How to identify campus wildlife

From rows of native wildflowers and buzzing bees to small, scurrying mammals and soaring birds, at UTD, nature and students truly coexist. If...


Letter to the Editor: Transphobia creates environment of hate on campus

The recent wave of anti-trans hatred being pushed in the media and legislation has, unfortunately, spilled over onto campus. In recent weeks, students...

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