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Two new Residential Coordinators hired

With the flood of new freshmen pouring in for the fall 2004 semester, Waterview could use a few more hands for the new faces.

That is why UTD hired …
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UTD Police Scanner

<strong>June 22</strong>

A student reported the theft of a dog from Waterview Park Apartments.

UTD Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence in Waterview Park (WP) …
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Counseling Center policy unacceptable

There have been numerous complaints from students not taking summer school who are not allowed to use facilities on campus during the summer.

I can understand the university forcing …
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Common decency not so common

<p>There is a prize for the person who correctly answers the question, “What is common decency?”</p> <p> </p> <p>When asked this question most people might have a textbook definition of …
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Blue bomber approaches’Mega’ manhood in new release

That’s right ladies, three more years and he’s legal.

The blue bomber made his debut on the NES 15 years ago, and to commemorate this anniversary, Capcom is releasing …
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A space race for a new millennium

After the first privately funded spaceflight June 21, there is now a whole new meaning of “to the moon Alice.”

Reaching over 62 miles above ground, Michael Melvill is …
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The future of Texas depends on support for higher education

As a fifth-generation Texan, I take a long and personal view of this state and the University of Texas System.

For more than a century, Texas and the UT …
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Aviation author slated for lecture

The author who helped General James Doolittle compose his autobiography and is frequent visitor of the UTD special collections department will present the 2004 George W. Jalonick III and Dorothy …
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State requests budget cuts

A 5 percent budget reduction may be on the docket for UTD in the next fiscal year, due to a request by the Texas legislature for all state agencies to …
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