Day: October 2, 2023

Life & Arts

Splatter Dance

SUAAB, the Student Union & Activities Advisory Board, held its annual Splatter Dance on Sept. 2 at the UTD Multipurpose Fields. At the...

Life & Arts

AHT officially the Bass school after dedication ceremony

After a $40 million donation from the Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation, the School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology was officially renamed the...

Life & Arts

They make a difference: Who is the Pep Band?

One of the most acclaimed sounds of any American college is the pep band, a tradition of brass and woodwind fanfare that accompanies...

Life & Arts

‘The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot’: an ode to hopeful living

“The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot,” a realistic fiction novel written by Marianne Cronin, is a poignant commentary on the human...

Life & Arts

‘Love at First Sight,’ the peak modern romcom

Charming, genuine and unexpected — “Love at First Sight” marks the Renaissance of the romantic comedy genre for a new generation. Starring Haley...

Life & ArtsNews

‘One Piece’ is, for once, a live-action anime adaptation worth watching

The “One Piece” live action show has finally arrived, and fans all over the world are watching the masterpiece in a new light....

Life & Arts

Arctic Monkeys create cinematic night of music, nostalgia

Stepping into Dickies Arena the night of Sept. 16 felt like entering the 2010s, with flannels wrapped around waists, vintage band tees, fishnet...

Life & Arts

Lana Del Rey Shines Through Rain

Despite the on-and-off thunderstorm that plagued the night and eventually cut it short, Lana Del Rey’s Dallas stop on her 2023 “Did You...


Men’s, Women’s Basketball Take To The Courts

Despite basketball preseason approaching and men’s and women’s basketball teams heading onto the courts after a long summer to begin preparing for the...


Women’s Soccer Unstoppable

This season, UTD women’s soccer team has been an unstoppable force, winning every game without a single goal scored against them. Here’s everything...


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