Day: April 17, 2023


A-lister celebrities sound tone-deaf in award speeches

The 2023 SAG Awards highlighted celebrities’ false relatability through speeches aiming to inspire struggling workers to just work hard to get what they...

Life & Arts

Is ChatGPT smarter than you?

Embracing UTD’s research spirit, and for the sake of quenching curiosity, The Mercury asked ChatGPT over 100 questions on different topics to test...

Life & Arts

Art exhibit celebrates Taiwanese artists on the autism spectrum

UTD welcomed artists and art teachers all the way from Taiwan to display their works of art on April 1 to share insight...

Life & Arts

Mamma mia, the Mario movie is fun!

Nintendo and Illumination’s latest film release “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is the most fun in theaters I’ve had all year and an...

Life & Arts

Traveling through eras in song

The Eras Tour has been the talk of the internet ever since its announcement, and Taylor Swift’s pitstop in Arlington, TX for the...

Life & Arts

“Honor Among Thieves” brings a beloved fantasy world to life

Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein’s spin on the beloved fantasy game received a commendable 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. The cast lineup...

DramatiqueLife & Arts

College romance takes the spotlight in “Dear.M”

“Dear.M” takes place in an alternate universe of the year 2020 where the pandemic never happened and tells the story of six college...

Life & Arts

Buzzing for the “Swarm”

While many details about Amazon Prime’s new show “Swarm” are murky in the trailers, fans are abuzz because of the big names associated...


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