Traveling through eras in song

Taylor Swift performed live in Arlington on the nights of March 31 to April 2. Photos by Unaiza Khakoo | Mercury Staff


The Eras Tour has been the talk of the internet ever since its announcement, and Taylor Swift’s pitstop in Arlington, TX for the March 31 to April 2 weekend proved the hype.

Taylor Swift has released 10 original albums in total since her debut, but the last album she was able to tour was “Reputation” three years ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Swift has released four new albums and two re-recordings of her previous albums. The Eras Tour represents the journey of her career through all her released music. From a fan perspective, it was like experiencing the soundtrack of your childhood turn into the playlist of your current life. As a dedicated Swiftie, the tour was an amalgamation of the love of every song, video and album in a beautiful performance dedicated to fans. Gorgeous, unique and enchanting, the concert was everything I could have ever imagined and more. Swift’s performances in Arlington marked her first three-show weekend of the tour and therefore offered a unique experience that differed from opening weekend in Glendale, AZ.

The show began with a rendition of “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince,” a total surprise to die-hard fans who were expecting a song from her latest album, “Midnights,” as the opener. However, the choice to begin the concert with a song from her album “Lover” makes sense, considering it was the album she would have toured if not for the pandemic. Furthermore, the lyrics “it’s been a long time coming” ring true for many audience members who have likely been waiting months, if not years, to see Swift perform live. Though surprising, the song was the perfect start to a long-awaited performance.

Many fans had avoided looking at the setlist from prior nights of the show to be surprised at the concert. As one of those fans, I was thrilled to see some of my favorite songs show up. However, those who did would have missed the switch up during Swift’s “Folklore” era between the songs “Invisible String” and “The One.” “Invisible String” is a gorgeous song about fate and the inevitability of love. “The One,” on the other hand, is about what could have been in a failed relationship. Swift is often criticized for supposedly only writing breakup songs about past relationships. However, these two songs alone show the versatility in her writing capabilities. Swift analyzes her feelings of both the current and past relationship with complexity and honesty that attracts the listener to her music.

One of the most entrancing parts about this tour is the fact that Swift performs two surprise songs every night — one on the guitar and one on the piano, both acoustic. With 189 songs on her studio albums, there is plenty of content for her to pull from. Having two songs each night that no other date included puts the fans at the center of the entertainment by giving them a special, unique experience. On her first night in Arlington, Swift sang “Sad, Beautiful, Tragic” from “Red” and “Ours” from “Speak Now.” The second night, she sang “Clean” from “1989” and “Death by a Thousand Cuts” from “Lover.” On her last night in town, Swift sang “Jump Then Fall” from “Fearless” and “The Lucky One” from “Red.”

Going to the Eras Tour is about more than just screaming to Taylor Swift’s music with people who love her just as much as you do. It is a way to participate in a history-making event with a community of passionate fans. Marking one of the largest stadium tours to date, going to this tour is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone that attends and is definitely worth the pain and struggle of getting tickets.


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