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College romance takes the spotlight in “Dear.M”

“Dear.M” takes place in an alternate universe of the year 2020 where the pandemic never happened and tells the story of six college...

DramatiqueLife & Arts

Dramatique: revenge has never been so sweet

Don’t start reading “Marry My Husband” before midterms, or those class notes will be set aside for this addicting webtoon. Though it is...

DramatiqueLife & Arts

‘Single’s Inferno’ Brings the Heat

Before Valentine’s Day, learn the do’s and don’ts of the first stages of courtship from “Single’s Inferno,” the hit Korean reality dating show...

DramatiqueLife & Arts

Sh**ting Stars Shines Bright

A gem that shouldn’t be missed from 2022, “Sh**ting Stars” — also known as Shooting Stars — is the perfect drama to kickstart...


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