Day: February 13, 2023

Life & Arts

Comet Connections

THE SLOW BURN Freshman literature major Megan Tran was participating in her high school JROTC program when she first met freshman computer science...

Life & Arts

How to identify the American Robin

American Robins are among the most common garden birds in North America and have a popular presence in parks and lawns Most know...

Life & Arts

Fleeing fish makes a splash at Minna art market

Reeling in customers by the dozen right as they walked through the doors, Fleeing Fish’s Yeon Poche and Yvonne Yu made their off-campus...


SG promises increased student advocacy, resource promotion and internal reform

The Mercury sat down with Student Government (SG) President Kruthi Kanduri and Vice President Margaret Belford to discuss progress on their campaign promises...

Life & Arts

Rocketbelly delights with self-serve boba options

If you’re seeking self-serve boba, baked items or fried “rocket” chicken, head over to family owned Rocketbelly and prepare for an experience similar...

Life & Arts

‘Dead Space’ could fill the cinema void of cosmic horror

The recent “Dead Space” remake has brought waves of nostalgia for many and asks the question: why isn’t there a “Dead Space” movie...

Life & Arts

HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ enchants fans new and old alike

Gamers tend to have negative opinions when it comes to TV adaptations of their favorite video games, believing that their beloved characters cannot...

Life & Arts

Classical band Duo Mantar brings history to life

Duo Mantar came to UTD on Feb. 4 during their national tour to recapture the cultural majesty of 75 years of Israeli music....


‘MILF Manor’ — dystopia or reality?

Disturbing as it is, TLC’s “MILF Manor” should surprise no one, as it follows logically from the problematic themes that viewers have long...


Microaesthetics dangerous for young adults, not liberating

The trendy micro aesthetic lifestyles cluttering the internet might seem appealing and harmless, but they are actually obstacles to true individualism. We live...


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