Day: February 13, 2023


Issue 2 13 2023


Upper-division credit requirement to be lowered

The minimum upper-division credit required for graduation will be lowered from 51 credit hours to 45 starting in fall 2023. The push to...


The academic war on artificial intelligence

The rise of artificial intelligence is sparking discussion between educators about how to proceed in the classroom — work with AI or against...


Comets help fellow students plan their degrees with Nebula Labs

Following its beta release in fall 2022, Nebula Planner, an interactive degree planner that supports any combination of degree plans, hopes to launch...


Museum shows legacy of Jim Crow

The Jim Crow exhibit in Old City Park is open until Feb. 23, revealing the history behind the pre-gentrified Black community of Dallas....


UTD student, cofounder and CEO of tech startup helping drivers save gas

Junior computer science major Tom Vazhekatt balances a full college workload along with being the cofounder and CEO of his startup route optimization...

NewsSG Report

Accessibility promises, mandated senator meetings and advisory council report

Accessibility Resolution In their most recent senate meeting, Student Government (SG) passed a resolution emphasizing the shortcomings of accessible infrastructure on campus. Examples...


Semiconductor institute projects 5,000 new jobs

UTD has opened the North Texas Semiconductor Institute (NTxSI), which will provide job support for students in preparation for the fastest growing industry...


UTD chess team takes home plaque from KCF cup

The UTD chess team held its ground and secured a win at the third Annual Kasparov Chess Federation University Cup. UTD competed at...


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