Accessibility promises, mandated senator meetings and advisory council report

Graphic by Astrid Hernandez | Mercury Staff

Accessibility Resolution

In their most recent senate meeting, Student Government (SG) passed a resolution emphasizing the shortcomings of accessible infrastructure on campus. Examples discussed included lack of sufficient accessible parking, braille signage and poorly maintained infrastructure. The resolution aims to allocate SG efforts to advocate for the betterment of accessible facilities on campus, such as repairing broken door buttons and adding signs to accessible entrances. The resolution will now be shared with the Academic Senate for approval.

School Senator Meeting Mandate

To encourage collaboration and open conversation between the separate schools and SG, the senate passed a resolution that mandates school senators to meet with their respective liaisons. The liaison is a senator that is selected through an application process specifically to act as a point of contact for administration and activities regarding their school. The new resolution aims to increase communication throughout the senate, specifically regarding school senators that had become disconnected. Although the idea initially came from a need for open communication regarding ECS, it will be required for all schools.

UT System Advisory Council Report

SG President Kruthi Kanduri attended the University of Texas System Advisory Council. At the meeting, issues such as the use of ChatGPT, student wages and professor tenure were discussed. The undergraduate committee is recommending higher, more standardized student wages along with a biannual review process to keep track of working conditions. Additionally, Texas may be adopting policies similar to Florida Governor DeSantis’ bill that attacks professor tenure.

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