Day: January 28, 2019

Life & Arts

Q&A: Student Counseling Center

The Mercury sat down with several Student Counseling Center staff, including Kimberly Burdine, psychologist and director of community engagement; Jenna Temkin, psychologist and...


Shutdown at the D.C. corral

During the Trump presidency, Americans have seen many records broken. We’ve broken all sorts of stock market records. No president has had more...


Remix to conviction

In early January, Lifetime aired a documentary series chronicling R&B singer Robert “R.” Kelly’s history of sexual assault and pedophilia, with alleged crimes...


Steven Crowder Harms Debate

Even if you’ve had the pleasure of not knowing Steven Crowder — the former actor/comedian and current conservative social media darling — you...


Long-time chess team coach set to retire

After 20 years with the UTD chess team, coach Rade Milovanovic is retiring. Before the season began in the fall of 2018, Milovanovic...


Men’s basketball maintains winning streak

The men’s basketball team has been off to a strong start this season, remaining undefeated since Dec. 8. On Thursday, the team took...

Life & Arts

Chartwells launches feedback platform

In response to a rising number of student suggestions and complaints regarding dining on campus, UTD Dining Services created a messaging portal to...

Editor's PicksLife & ArtsWhatcha Eatin'?

Whatcha Eatin’? Cameroonian Food

Although African cuisine in general has been significantly influenced by centuries of colonialism, it still remains fairly unique compared to other cuisines in...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Hijabi student illustrates to inspire

At 12 years old, ATEC sophomore Aaliya Jaleel began posting her art on social media such as Tumblr and Instagram. Her illustrations soon...


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