Day: September 16, 2018

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University unveils upcoming projects

UTD administrators and architects recently revealed upcoming construction and campus improvement projects in a series of town hall meetings. Known as the Master...

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ECSW still undergoing construction, repairs

The new Engineering and Computer Science West building opened its doors at the beginning of the semester, but not all areas of the...

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Cheeky street signs help students navigate campus

In an effort to curb the uniform nature of street and directional signs, one UTD graduate has been posting a series of humorous...

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Recovering opioid addict shares journey

Editor’s Note: The name of Brian was changed to protect his identity. Brian remembered waking up with the side of his head pulsing....

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Delays in accessibility approvals cause concern

Jax Schmisseur struggles with anxiety and relies on his emotional support animal to calm him during his panic attacks. During his freshman year,...

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Student Union Starbucks: Why does it take so long?

A study conducted by The Mercury revealed that the Starbucks franchise in the Student Union has longer average wait times compared to off-campus...

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Police jurisdiction at Northside under question

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article stated that UTD PD was possibly in violation of the Clery Act. After further investigation, it...


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