Day: July 1, 2018

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More campus sustainability measures necessary

In the last decade, UTD has made great strides in making the campus more sustainable, but there is still work to be done...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Alumna, professor featured in TV series

In North Dallas High School’s gymnasium, two coaches, a UTD professor, a homeless college student, a film crew and the school band waited...

FeaturedLife & Arts

Prosthetic progress

A robotics lab at UTD has managed to make its new prosthetic leg stronger and quieter and is ready to move on to...

Campus NewsEditor's PicksNews

Fitness Center reopens after weeks-long closure

After three weeks wrapped in caution tape, the doors to the Fitness Center have reopened to reveal new carpeting, restructured machinery and a...

Campus NewsFeaturedNews

Drone tech takes off

Ron Poynter was first introduced to drones while working as a helicopter pilot for the military. It wasn’t until federal restrictions on civilian...


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