Day: April 9, 2018


Confederate monuments symbolize white supremacy

The debate over Confederate monuments is still going strong as the Dallas city council decides whether or not to remove the city’s remaining...

Life & Arts

Q&A with BuzzFeed journalist Anne Helen Petersen

The Galerstein Gender Center hosted Buzzfeed journalist and author Anne Helen Petersen to speak at a brunch and afternoon lecture on her book...


Baseball aims for consistency

Twenty-seven games in, UTD baseball players have experienced a regular season, defined by its 9-game win streak which was promptly overshadowed by four...


Broadcaster gets call-up

A former UTD broadcaster was hired by a minor league baseball team to be its play-by-play announcer, making her the second woman to...


UTD considers DII move

School administrators are considering applying for an adjustment in UTD’s NCAA standing, which would move the school from Division III to Division II....

Life & Arts

Students unite to learn Korean

With rising popularity of Korean culture from fans worldwide, students at UTD are also showing their interest by coming together every Friday to...

Life & Arts

Club promotes self-expression

UTD’s first spoken word club became official about two years ago, and it now serves as a space for students to get exposed...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Bees cause buzz at on campus apartments

Swarming and buzzing around a UTD apartment light fixture, a large cluster of bees found a temporary place to stay while they searched...

Life & Arts

UTD prof creates online textbook

A UTD professor’s free online American history textbook is going to get a print edition with a major update this fall. The American...


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