Day: March 26, 2018


Art classes are vital to college experience

It’s a known fact that the arts are underrepresented at UTD, with the destruction of the Art Barn and the lack of real...


Olympic games gain new twist

An associate professor has helped online workers get on their feet in a participatory project. This year marks 10 years since ATEC associate...


New softball coach arrives

The athletic department has named a new interim softball head coach after the previous one departed UTD last November. Athletic Director Bill Petitt...

Life & Arts

Q&A: Juliet Garcia

Juliet V. Garcia became the first female Mexican-American president of a United States college or university in 1986, when she was named president...

Life & Arts

Comets on the quest for camaraderie

Twice a month, students gather to play a post-apocalyptic UTD-themed tabletop game their peers designed to embrace the student culture at the university...

Life & Arts

Alum spearheads disaster relief initiative

In 2015, a UTD alumnus went overseas to help with the Syrian refugee crisis. Recently, he applied his experience to lead a disaster...

Life & Arts

Dance groups unable to find space

People walking through campus buildings at night may notice groups of students practicing their dance routines in seemingly unlikely places, such as the...

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Who will you choose? – Catalyze

Two candidates running for Student Government president and vice president on the Catalyze ticket represent a platform focused on spirit, communication and sustainability...

Life & Arts

Turning over new leaves

A UTD alumnus and army veteran is expanding his new tea company that is focused on economic development in war-afflicted countries with the...


Student startup selected for Red Bull Launch Institute

A UTD student startup was selected to participate in the Red Bull Launch Institute, a program Red Bull developed to support entrepreneurs. Management...


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