Day: November 13, 2017


Virtual furniture


Carlz says




Chatty checkout


Accessible buildings, ethical parking needed

UTD tries to be an accommodating campus for all students, but parking policies and older buildings can hamper the movement of students with...


College campuses are key to bridging political, cultural gaps

The current political climate has made honest discussion a precarious activity. The country is divided more than ever along political lines. A Pew...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Creating “Coco”

Can you describe your role as a concept artist in the making of “Coco?”  I got to work on a lot of different...


ASC Tournament Recap

Women’s cross country wins back-to-back titles The women’s cross-country team took first place at their conference tournament on Oct. 28. Senior Lindsey Rayborn scored...

Editor's PicksLife & Arts

Helping with hearing

When Jackie Clark was in Mozambique for her first deployment, she gave a young man a hearing aid. It was the first one...

CommentaryLife & Arts

Kickstarter game offers challenging gameplay

“Throne of Lies” is an online, hidden identity roleplaying game available for PC. Take on the role of member in your King’s court...


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